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New Imaginary Gumbo Cover

Our second minicomic for Thought Bubble is ready! 8-year-old Charlie has become lord and master of the mighty warrior-knight Gumbo, and with him comes a vast fantasy kingdom for her to explore. Even though she’s pretty sure he isn’t completely real, Charlie drags Gumbo along with her from one adventure to the next. And they fight monsters.

Imaginary Gumbo at Thought Bubble

We’re going to Thought Bubble in November and we’re hoping it’ll be a big one for us! We should have two Imaginary Gumbo minicomics for sale. Check out the previews below. We’ll see you all in Leeds!

Tron Uprising

Quick WIP, Beck from the new Tron animated series. Sketched in Manga Studio so far, this will probably get a few more tweaks and pokes before I colour it.

Femshep Friday!

We’re a bit excited about Mass Effect 3 coming out next month, and today Bioware released their first trailer featuring the female version of Commander Shepard. I love lady Shep so started doing a quick sketch for fun and ended up with this. I just *really* like Mass Effect!

Imaginary Gumbo and the Epic Winter

Just a brief post, if you check the main menu above you’ll (finally!)  see a brand new link for our Imaginary Gumbo minicomic, and the first webcomic Dave and I have made together and put online. Enjoy!

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