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Zool & Zooz Try And Explain Christmas

Zool and Zooz, Ninjas of the Nth Dimension, try and explain the DNA of Christmas. They could teach us so much, but sadly, nobody around here speaks their language.


  This is Sharon, a vague but intriguing NPC from David Jones’ ZX Spectrum classic “Knight Tyme”. All we know about Sharon is that she is almost infinitely strong and she “comes from Valhalla,” which in context probably means a star system of that name. Due to the graphical limitations of the time, I’ve no idea whether this is what

First Contact with a MAC

  Depicted: Mankind’s first contact with a Mysterious Alien Creature. Old games fans will have noticed the communication board from ERE Informatique / Exxos’ Captain Blood, along with a variety of ailments and their hair not being quite what it once was. And that’s MAC, from Mac and Me. There were all sorts of reasons for drawing this, and I’ll


  This is Guy of Gisborne’s alien friend Plop-bop, from the Maid Marian episode “The Came From Outer-Space”. Dave went with the TV version here, rather than the Paul Cemmick version from the book, but has fancied drawing some Snurdlevinklepout fancomics since he was eight. It might happen.

Tron Uprising

Quick WIP, Beck from the new Tron animated series. Sketched in Manga Studio so far, this will probably get a few more tweaks and pokes before I colour it.

Lil Rollers

Recently Abby has been working on a new project with the Roller Grrrls team, the adorable Lil Rollers! The Facebook page will be updated with artwork three times a week so if you’re a roller derby fan or just like cute things (or both!) make sure to follow the site!

Femshep Friday!

We’re a bit excited about Mass Effect 3 coming out next month, and today Bioware released their first trailer featuring the female version of Commander Shepard. I love lady Shep so started doing a quick sketch for fun and ended up with this. I just *really* like Mass Effect!


This is our pal Brentalfloss, singer of songs, haver of times. He performs comedy games-based songs, you might have seen his “What if [old game]… had lyrics?” videos. If you haven’t, you ought to. But why am I going on about him here? Well, over at, in among the songs, he also has an ongoing webcomic, and we did

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