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New Sketches

Some new artwork for the weekend, I’ll add these into the illustrations gallery too. Firstly Loki from the current Journey Into Mystery comic, a series I would HIGHLY recommend. And a sketch of Arcee from Transformers Prime. She’s got an awesome design I’ve been wanting to try drawing for a while now.

New Imaginary Gumbo Cover

Our second minicomic for Thought Bubble is ready! 8-year-old Charlie has become lord and master of the mighty warrior-knight Gumbo, and with him comes a vast fantasy kingdom for her to explore. Even though she’s pretty sure he isn’t completely real, Charlie drags Gumbo along with her from one adventure to the next. And they fight monsters.

Imaginary Gumbo at Thought Bubble

We’re going to Thought Bubble in November and we’re hoping it’ll be a big one for us! We should have two Imaginary Gumbo minicomics for sale. Check out the previews below. We’ll see you all in Leeds!

Return to the Forbidden Planet

If you haven’t seen Return to the Forbidden Planet, and you’re anywhere near London over the next month, you owe it to yourself to get tickets, head over to Hornchurch, and enjoy one of the better evenings you’ll ever have. The tickets are only a hair over twenty quid, and deliver so many times the level of enjoyment you’d get

Captain Jack Harkness

Good old Jack Harkness, fondly remembered from RTD-era Doctor Who. I can’t believe I only just remembered to put this here, because I drew it way back when I drew Matt Smith as the Doctor. For anyone who doesn’t remember that, and can’t be bothered scrolling through to find it, here it is again:

Space Invaders

  Sadly, the planet of these sweet little fellows has been occupied by space invaders. The aliens’ only option is to try and swoop down en masse and hope to overwhelm the invaders before their houses get shot entirely to bits.  


In which Spotty, ally of Superted and the latest member of the Christmas Effect team, tells his sad story to his festive crewmates. From the annual Snatter stories we ran on the Something Awful forums. They were a bit daft, as you can see. Last year it was all a big Mass Effect gag. As you can see.

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