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Bob Holness

We all heard yesterday that Bob Holness “from” Blockbusters had died. It happens I’d only just drawn a picture of him a couple of weeks previously, having no idea he was on the way out at all. So, I shan’t pretend this was drawn as any sort of tribute or anything, but here it is anyway:  

Imaginary Gumbo and the Epic Winter

Just a brief post, if you check the main menu above you’ll (finally!)¬† see a brand new link for our Imaginary Gumbo minicomic, and the first webcomic Dave and I have made together and put online. Enjoy!

Matt “Doctor” Smith “Who”

Here’s Matt Smith as the Doctor, as drawn by Dave. Continuing with the theme of posting the pencils for some of the pictures we’ve been working on for our big December project, here’s what Matt Smith looks like before being inked. As you can see, Dave decided that his ¬†head was TOO big, to begin with and shrank it down

Zub At Christmas

That, everybody, is Zub. Look at him, he looks so surprised and put-out all the time. He’s the star of “Zub,” one of the first computer games Dave ever owned, made by the brothers Pickford. They have a really extensive gallery of behind the scenes stuff from the making of the game over at their Zub Archive, so anyone who

Designing the Spirit of Christmas

Each year for the past six, we’ve run a Christmas story over on the Something Awful forums. We’re going to be putting up some peripheral pictures here this year as the story goes on, like the original sketches & pencils, or enlarged versions of some of the pictures, etc. To start with, here’s the star of this year’s story, a

MCM Expo Manchester

Dumpy Little Robot spent Saturday at the first MCM Expo in Manchester. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, we’ve not been to the London version yet despite a good number of friends and colleagues telling us to try it out. The hall at Manchester became packed with fans pretty quickly and we were soon selling sketches and comic packs

Portfolio Update and Future Conventions

Just a quick post today, the portfolio has been updated with some more pages by Abby for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magazine. And if you missed us at the Bristol show recently don’t worry! We will be at several more conventions this year selling The Demon Tomato and possibly a few other neat bits and bobs: Manchester Expo Comic

NEW COMIC! Demon Tomato #3 launches this weekend at the Bristol Comics Expo

If you’ve got tickets for the Bristol International Comics and Small Press Expo this weekend (which is to say the 14th & 15th May 2011), make sure you come and find the Dumpy Little Robot table, because that’s where we’ll be launching the very first copies of The Demon Tomato #3. They’re brand new (so new that they only just

Our new website.

Welcome to our website! We’re still finding our way with WordPress but we now have a coherent home for our portfolio and comics. We’ll be at the Bristol comics show on May 14th and 15th, with a table in the Small Press show. I’m pleased to say that The Demon Tomato #3 is currently with the printers and if all

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