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Lying Kitten!

I just finished the roughs for a new book and have been doing a bit of doodling. At some point I need to do a proper bit of Saga fanart..

Lil Rollers, Widdershins and Rincewind.

Some recent sketches and a new Lil Rollers pic! Harriet Barber is from the lovely webcomic Widdershins, do have a look! Rincewind and The Luggage… And Hippy enjoying some downtime after all some adorably hardcore skating.

New Sketches

Some new artwork for the weekend, I’ll add these into the illustrations gallery too. Firstly Loki from the current Journey Into Mystery comic, a series I would HIGHLY recommend. And a sketch of Arcee from Transformers Prime. She’s got an awesome design I’ve been wanting to try drawing for a while now.

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