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Moshi Monsters: CLONC Strikes Back!

The second Moshi Monsters book that I’ve illustrated for Penguin is out today, so here are a few little samples. You can buy the book here!

Moshi Monsters: Zoshling Encounters!

We have been rather quiet recently, Abby’s been busy working on these Moshi Monster books for Penguin. It’s been a fantastic job so far, they’re lovely little characters to draw! Here’s a little preview at some of the artwork for you. The first book was released yesterday and you can get it here.

Lying Kitten!

I just finished the roughs for a new book and have been doing a bit of doodling. At some point I need to do a proper bit of Saga fanart..

Imaginary Gumbo on the Forbidden Planet Blog!

We were thrilled the other day with this lovely review from the Forbidden Planet International blog of our two Gumbo minicomics. It kicked me back in gear a bit with the next mini, which I’ve now started the colours on. It is a lot longer than the last two so I don’t know yet if it’ll quite be ready for

Lil Rollers, Widdershins and Rincewind.

Some recent sketches and a new Lil Rollers pic! Harriet Barber is from the lovely webcomic Widdershins, do have a look! Rincewind and The Luggage… And Hippy enjoying some downtime after all some adorably hardcore skating.

Imaginary Gumbo for sale!

Well, we launched our new comic at theĀ  Thought Bubble comic con, and it went extremely well. We completely ran out of our copies of the comics, even though we thought we’d taken far too many! The new stock is in though, so now you can read it yourself, and decide whether all those people who bought out the entire

Super Mario Land WITH LYRICS

A change of theme today. Dave has been busy working on this musical collaboration with Brentalfloss about Super Mario Land. And Dave made a making of video too: Do check out more songs on their Youtube channels! Art-wise we’re still getting things ready for Thought Bubble in November, we’re aiming to have a lot of nice prints and badges alongside

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